Mabinogi EU Guild
I be glad to present the new logo (top thinnie), and our forum which had been added to the pages, easly accesible, its there because tenrai doesnt have premium that forum can be used. dont forget to register, better to register with your in game main character name.
i got something to show you :3

ps: update in members section and
there are even more screeness :D
there you go screenes are ready to be seen :P, and yh i need to get other pplz to do some more screen shots so it doesnt look like i only do it D:
ohh yeah 2 months yesturday shame we didnt cerebrate o3o but more youtube videos will be here soon so like always check out the youtube and ofc. some new pictures are to be added, like screen shots... there will be lots o3o you will love it, and kemock will finish some of the artwork soon so that will also be added, so there will be massive update, and remember even though we cant recruit yet T_T we will soon cos i will beat the crap out od tenrai to do so yh i will :<
and yh kemock is still doing the heading for the website everything is going slow but it will be there.
Big change in the website I changed 2 pages names From Members to About CloudNine, and Videos to Gallery YAY! i also added drop down menus, isnt that cool, check it out, there are now Screenshot page, Art work page apply for guild page and yeah^^ you can check those out now^^

Take Care From ~Jcejoker And thanks to Tenrai for Idea of screenshot gallery
Useful links page is now available, so go ahead and check it out, its now finnished more links will be added soon if needed

+ plus:  new video has been just added on our Youtube channel.

~Icejoker & Kemock
Three days ago we started a guild Cloudnine  and now I made the website for the guild. We already have 2 pages one of them is about the guild members and the other is the videos that will be from the game and few from random stuff, I'm planing to add sections like: art, Useful links, some thing like market, and try to make a forum for guild members even if it would have to be anther website xD I will try my best to keep you guys updated, and let me know what you want to see on the website so I dont make it by my self.

Take care from Icejoker and Kemock